Frameless Juliet Balconies


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The Frameless Juliet Balcony

Our Frameless Juliet is a structure that consists of almost nothing but glass. This means your Juliet will allow more light in than any of kind of fall protection levels. In spite the lack of any type of railing, this system can span up to 3 meters whilst fully complying with the loading requirements set by British standards institution (BS 6180/BS 6399), meaning you’ll be just as safe with a frameless Juliet than a framed style, all without anything to impede your view. Due to an industry leading 20-micron thick anodization it is also suitable for any environmental conditions and it is guaranteed not to corrode with time. We can also have our Frameless Juliet system powder coated any RAL colour enabling you to create a true seamless look between your building and your Juliet Balcony. If all of this is not enough, this system has been tested fixed to a multitude of substrates including some door frames making it one of the most versatile Juliet balcony systems available.

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Wrought Iron Conversion

To make that real impact to their home, many of our customers choose the fully frameless system to replace their tired, old wrought iron and galvanised steel juilets; just look at the difference this change can make below.

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