The Precision Juliet Balcony Line Up

A Juliet balcony enables you to have full height opening doors or windows on the upper floors of your property, giving you an unimpeded view of your surroundings and enabling natural light to travel through.
Whilst traditional wrought iron and steel Juliets were the go-to for this application, glass is becoming more and more popular, hence why we offer both types of balustrade.
As with our balustrading, Precision Juliet balconies are tested against the most stringent UK and EU regulations, ensuring your peace of mind and safety.
If you are after a professional service, tied with an excellent product tailored to your exacting requirements then look no further.
This is at the heart of what we do.

Galvanised steel 2.jpg

The Steel Juilet

Glass Adapter Juliet.jpg

The Glass Adaptor Juliet

Hertiage Lawn_edited_edited.jpg

The Glass Railing Juliet

Easy Glass View 2_edited_edited.jpg

The Frameless Glass Juiliet


Many thanks from a highly satisfied customer with the balustrade which is not only practical but elegant. You were punctual and efficient and I couldn't be more pleased!

Helen C - Google Review