• Thomas Haynes

Glass Balustrade Maintenance: Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Glass balustrades are far less maintenance heavy than other types of balustrades (mild steel and timber). Stainless steel is probably the most popular metal for external balustrading. This is mainly due to its high-level corrosion resistance and strength. This makes stainless steel far more advantageous to the homeowner that wants to cut down on maintenance work necessary when using wrought iron and mild steel; however, cleaning and maintenance is required no matter what grade of stainless steel is chosen – especially in highly corrosive environments such as by the sea. This is due to a tiny proportion of corrosive metal still present in the stainless steel. Whilst stainless steel will not rust, it can “tea stain” when not cleaned.

Typically, you should clean your stainless steel as frequently as you have the windows cleaned however this will depend on the location (coastal environments definitely). A good option for cleaning your stainless steel is hot soapy water and a soft cloth. If you have opted for mirror polished stainless steel, glass cleaner is a better choice. You will find any surface contaminants can be easily removed with a quick wipe. Once cleaning is done, use a dry soft cloth to dry off the surface. Where tea staining has been allowed to take place, a specialist stainless steel rust cleaner may need to be used. These cleaners contain a high level of phosphoric acid which essentially dissolve any marks still left on the stainless steel after initial cleaning.

Whilst there is still maintenance to be carried out, you will find regular cleaning will mean your balustrades will look great for years to come, As they should.

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